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                              来源:站内新闻    发布时间:2019/6/23 8:05:10

                              光瑞思邀您参加2019德国慕尼黑光电展时间:2019624-27, 展位号:B2352号)

                              Join RAYS Laser at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich, Germany, June 24-27.Come to see us at Booth 352 in B2 Hall.

                              At the show, You will see four new products of our company: Macro-channel Diode Laser Arrays, Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Modules, RGB Diode Laser Sources for Laser Display, and Laser Radar Sources.



                              See you there!



                              1 Macro-channel Diode Laser Arrays

                              Arrays are cooled by circulating tap-water in macro-channel coolers.It has the advantages of high cost performance and no special requirement for water quality.They are used in laser hair removal.The maximum power is 1600W.

                              Technical Parameters

                              Wavelength & Power

                              For one bar:




                              Number of Bars:816

                              Pulsed Width:10400ms

                              Duty Cycle:1%40%

                              Features:Stable performance,High cost performance,Tap-water cooled


                              Application:Laser hair removal



                              2 Fiber-coupled Diode Laser Modules

                              Fiber-coupled diode laser modules acheive high fiber-coupled output power by some laser emitters combining,and the wavelength of 808nm,915nm and 976nm is optional.

                              Technical Parameters:

                              Wavelength & Power




                              Fiber core diameter:105μm400μm

                              Numerial Aperture:0.22

                              Fiber Adapter:bare fiber or SMA905

                              Features:Small dimension,High power conversion efficiency,Compact structure


                              Application:Laser pumping,Illumination,Scientific research 

                              3 RGB Diode Laser Sources for Laser Display

                              RGB Diode laser sources for Laser display base on red,green and blue (RGB) diode lasers and cover 90% visible light color gamut,which can show fantastic performance.

                              Technical Parameters:

                              Wavelegnth & Power

                              R: 635nm±10nm, 1W-50W

                              G: 525nm±10nm, 1W-50W

                              B: 450nm±10nm, 1W-200W

                              RGB Power:5W-150W

                              Output type:Fiber-coupled/Direct

                              Features:Wide color gamut,Energy-efficient,Long lifetime


                              Application:Laser TV,Large screen projection,Micro projection

                              Laser Radar Sources  

                              We can provide chip(905nm 25W、75W、100W) packaging of laser radar which include single channel,8-channel,16-channel and specific channel,and beam shaping services.

                              Technical Parameters:

                              Single Channel:

                              Average Power2.1mW

                              Peak Power 25W/75W

                              Divergence Angle


                              Average Power1.4mW

                              Peak Power 25W/75W

                              Divergence Angle

                              Features:Extremely high resolution,Strong anti-interference ability,Fast scanning speed,Small ranging error


                              Application:Intelligent Transportation,Intelligent Robot,Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

                              Welcome and Meet there! 

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