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                              Join RAYS Laser at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich, Germany, June 26-29. Come to see us atBooth 457-3 in Hall B3.


                              At the show, you’ll see examples of our diode lasers, like diode laser arrays, kW high-power diode laser sources, vertical cavity surface emitting lasers. You’ll also learn about our new products narrow-linewidth diode lasers and RGB diode laser sources.


                              See you there!


                              Narrow-linewidth Diode Lasers  

                              Achieving stable center-wavelength and high-power output and optimal linewidth consistency by using volume bragg grating (VBG) and controlling temperature of laser units alone

                              Wavelength: 780nm—976nm

                              Power: 10W—800W (CW)

                              Output type: direct or fiber-coupled

                              Linewidth up to 0.1nm

                              Tunable center wavelength

                              Using VBG for narrowing wavelength

                              PID temperature control mode

                              Macro-channel water cooling


                              Laser pumping of alkali metal vapor lasers and fiber lasers Spectrum combination   Gas detecting    Illumination   Materials processing


                               Diode Laser Sources for Display  

                              Diode laser sources for Laser display base on red, green and blue (RGB) diode lasers and cover 90% visible light color gamut, which can show fantastic performance.

                              Output type: direct or fiber-coupled

                              Features: wide color gamut, energy-efficient, long lifetime

                              Wavelength & Power:

                              R: 635nm±10nm, 1W-50W

                              G: 525nm±10nm, 1W-50W 

                              B: 450nm±10nm, 1W-200W

                              RGB module: 5W-150W


                              Micro projection   Laser television   Large screen projection 

                              Welcome and meet here!

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